Review|Mobile Apps Empire

The owner claims that from his training, you can start an app business in no time. My review is, obviously some work need to be done. Firstly you will nee to have TIME to go through the training videos. The navigation is not that “simple” as you need to know some basics on development of an app. I mean basic knowledge, not the how to’s.

You will need to have at least an Ad Mob account to monetize your App. If you do not take up the OTO’s you will never be able to start within your FIRST year! Not trying to scare you but if you don’t believe me, buy it here 🙂

This however is still a good choice if you really are interested to try mobile app business.

I have bought this myself. Simply because I already a member or and able to create mobile apps in a breeze. The basic that they will be teaching you is, create as many well established high rated and popular apps by way of re-skinning it and monetize it with Ad Mob. They will suggest websites which you can have an idea as ti the niches and training as to how to rank your App high.

Like I said earlier, if you have the TIME, try this 🙂

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