I am blinded by..

Too much information coming in this week that I got stuck with my ability to choose! Which to go for now and which to get it done for passive income. I need to take a break.. I am in the mist of making a decision. A tough one.. I’ll be back! Read More

What to sell online

Do you have that question? What to sell online. What are the hot selling product online right now? Hunt for it at PEXDA >> Click here<< This is not depending on your niche. The list is based on the BEST selling product RIGHT NOW that people are really BUYING it! If you have a general Read More


Let’s talk about the Internet Marketing world.. Read More

Being on the internet does not mean you are a marketeer

People are online for many reasons. Almost all of phone and computer/laptop owners with internet connection are online for their own need and purposes. Ask your self, why are you here? 🙂   Read More

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