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Build Your Own Buyers List

List Building in 2018 Not just another list building tool but it s BUYER list builder! Introducing Leads Lightning. The membership are open as Free Members and also as Paid, just $7 lifetime!. The system allows its members to give away the system which include a capture page and an in built autoresponder. Being a Read More

What are FanPages?

  FanPage : What is it? Look at it this way. Every BOOK has PAGES. So does FACEBOOK. It has its PAGES and its called FanPage 🙂 Mark Zuckenberg owns FaceBook but you own your FanPages. How cool is that? Well, actually it’s a platform within FaceBook for you to have your own community or Read More

What is The Commission Machine?

From the desk of Micheal Cheney: I started noticing dropping open-rates, clickthru rates and profits from my affiliate promos. So I started hunting for answers. What I found changed my business. I dubbed it “The Commission Machine” – it’s a series of proven steps that changed everything. I made tons more sales, got masses of praise for my promos, got approached Read More

[Work with Micheal Cheney] What I learned today from Micheal Cheney about having a Facebook profile page

Want to know how, legitimately, have a profitable Facebook profile to promote your business? Just finished listening to one of Micheal Cheney’s videos on how to correctly market with your Facebook profile page and generate 1000 of visitors from Facebook without being penalized. I am now sharing this with you. But first, CLICK HERE if Read More

Building Mobile Apps is ONE type of internet business model

Building Mobile Apps? This is NOT for everyone, trust me, most definitely not for those who don’t even know what an app is. No matter how easy one could portray to venture into the APP  business, unless you are some sort of a techie person, you will never see the light! Is this true? Much Read More


Let’s talk about the Internet Marketing world.. Read More

Being on the internet does not mean you are a marketeer

People are online for many reasons. Almost all of phone and computer/laptop owners with internet connection are online for their own need and purposes. Ask your self, why are you here? 🙂   Read More